The Red Ten Vol 2. Set [Contains THE RED TEN #6-10]

The Red Ten Vol 2. Set [Contains THE RED TEN #6-10]

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Collect the second half of the superhero whodunit fans and critics alike adore!

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This bundle contains:


And then there were five... The shocking revelations of the last issue cause sparks to fly between the remaining members of The Alliance. It turns out Bellona doesn’t just have a skeleton in her closet…she has thousands of them! Plus, the one death you won’t see coming…and an ending that’ll have you screaming for more THE RED TEN.


And then there were four... The surviving members of the Alliance turn on each other, as secrets of horrifying MAGNITUDE come to light. And finally, the killer shows his face… or is it a her? Find out in the most terrifying and bloodiest chapter of THE RED TEN series yet!


And then there were three... The superhero murder mystery critics are calling “The Justice League” meets “Clue” is back! Only three heroes remain… and one of them has gone missing! Is Justice America losing his mind? Or is something far more insidious at play? When the lights go out, the dead will rise…


And then there were two... It’s the penultimate issue of the superhero murder mystery critics call “The Justice League” meets “Clue”! The two most powerful beings on the planet battle to the death. Secrets will be revealed, hearts and skin will be broken, and there will be blood. Lots of it. Also includes a sneak peek at SINK, an upcoming ComixTribe thriller.


And then there was one... The critically acclaimed superhero whodunit FINALLY comes to a shocking conclusion. At last, the mastermind(s?) behind the carefully orchestrated destruction of the world’s greatest super team is revealed, and ultimate punishment is levied against the one “hero” still standing.


Author(s): Tyler James 
Artist(s): Cesar Feliciano 
Cover Artist(s): Charles Paul Wilson, III