SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]

SINK #5 AB Sets [First Printing]

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SINK #5: "White Dog" 

When Emma Callaghan's beloved dog Snowy is stolen, her search for him takes her into the murkiest depths of Sinkhill's criminal underworld. Pulling at threads and drawing the attention of dangerous people, Emma finds within herself an unshakeable moral core she didn't know she had... and which will be sorely tested. Featuring a variant cover from Robert Wilson IV (Heartthrob).

Each set purchased includes both stunning covers for the first off-set printing of SINK #5.

- SINK #5A: Cover by Alex Cormack 
- SINK #5B: by Robert Wilson IV

(Note: We are not splitting AB cover pairs at this time. The only way to order SINK from us is to get both covers.)

Only 175 Sets Available Now at Cover Price. (Max 5 Sets Per Customer)

Cover #5A

Cover #5B

Did you miss this? Only 10 copies left in stock...

Click Here for the SINK #4 Big Pete's "Vigilante" Variant (Limited)

Who will love SINK?

 - Fans of horror comics like Harrow County or Nailbiter. 
- Fans of crime comics like Sin City or Fell. 
- People from Scotland, who'll recognize the distinctive Glasgow locales. 
- People NOT from Scotland, who will enjoy a universally relatable tale with the added flavor of an unfamiliar setting. 
- Fans of ComixTribe's OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, as this reunites the writer/artist team of John Lees and Alex Cormack. 
- Fans of ComixTribe's AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, with writer John Lees returning for another slice of Caledonian Gothic. 
- People who are terrified of clowns!



"Sink is definitely not for the faint-hearted but it is an incredible read and as the final panels recap some past characters you realize that maybe just maybe you should have walked faster because now Sinkhill has you!" 

- Martin Cameron (Fanboy Factor)

" As a horror lover, Sink has quickly moved its way to the top of my pull list, and I can’t wait to see what this superstar creative team comes up with next for the nightmarish neighborhood of Sinkhill."

 - Kris Kolish (Geekery Magazine)

 "Still enjoying this after multiple readings... near perfect."

 - Mike Clarke (BC Refugees)

 "At some points you don’t want to continue reading, but as with all great horror writing you can’t help yourself, and on you go."

 - Brad Gischia (Bag & Bored)

 "Whether he’s drawing muggers, vigilantes, or crazed clowns, Cormack is always in his element. His design for Mr. Dig in particular is a shining example of simple effectiveness."

 - Alex Widen (Bam! Smack! Pow!)

 "John Lees is a daring comic creator. I say that because he’s shown time and time again that he’s willing to tell stories that are uncomfortable and edgy in a way that comics haven’t seen in years."

 - Dustin Cabeal (Comic Bastards)

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