SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]
SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]

SINK #3 AB Sets [First Printing]

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SINK #3: "A Head Full of Wasps" 

Formerly one of the most notorious hellraisers in Sinkhill, Florence Kilcolm escaped that life many years ago to start anew in Edinburgh. But when the children of an old friend ask for her help, she is forced consider returning to the violent world she had left behind and awakening her buried rage. Featuring a variant cover from Andrew Jerz.


Each set purchased Includes both stunning covers for the first off-set printing of SINK #3.

- SINK #3A: Bloody Hands Cover by Alex Cormack 
- SINK #3B: Bloody Mascara Cover by Andrew Jerz

(Note: We are not splitting AB cover pairs at this time. The only way to order SINK from us is to get both covers.)

Only 75 Sets Available Now at Cover Price. (Max 4 Sets Per Customer)

Cover #3A

Cover #3B

Who will love SINK?

 - Fans of horror comics like Harrow County or Nailbiter. 
- Fans of crime comics like Sin City or Fell. 
- People from Scotland, who'll recognize the distinctive Glasgow locales. 
- People NOT from Scotland, who will enjoy a universally relatable tale with the added flavor of an unfamiliar setting. 
- Fans of ComixTribe's OXYMORON: THE LOVELIEST NIGHTMARE, as this reunites the writer/artist team of John Lees and Alex Cormack. 
- Fans of ComixTribe's AND THEN EMILY WAS GONE, with writer John Lees returning for another slice of Caledonian Gothic. 
- People who are terrified of clowns!



"Perfection. There are a limited amount of books out there deserving a 10 out of 10 ranking, so pick this up...  Sink #3 will make you see red.  Blood red." - BC Refugees

"5 Stars! By the end, the comic feels soaked in blood. Florence is at its center, like a bizarre version of Carrie." - Horror Talk

"The visuals are what elevate to this from a great story to an insanely brilliant classic. Frankly, I'm surprised that the bigger publishers aren't trying to gobble up both of these talents..." - Comic Bastards 

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