ComixLaunch Enamel Pin

ComixLaunch Enamel Pin

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To commemorate your first successful launch inside the ComixLaunch Pro Community, we have a very special gift for you! 

Get the exclusive, members only ComixLaunch Pro enamel pin to honor the work you've put in inside ComixLaunch Pro to bring your dream project to life! 

To get free shipping on your enamel pin, enter code: ComixLaunchPinFreeShip in the checkout field. 

NOTE: One pin per ComixLaunch Pro Member, and you will need to be verified as being a ComixLaunch Pro member in good standing who has successfully completed at least one crowdfunding launch. 

Remember to share pics of your pin once received! 

Congrats again, and I can't wait to see what you launch next!