A Fistful of Pain
A Fistful of Pain
A Fistful of Pain
A Fistful of Pain

A Fistful of Pain

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From the award-winning minds of writer Ryan K Lindsay (Eternal, Speed Republic) and acclaimed illustrator Louie Joyce (Past the Last Mountain) comes a stunning original graphic novella about dragons, sibling rivalry, and kung-fu vengeance.

Xin and Sloane spent their childhood fighting over the family pet -- Gilgamesh, a four-ton, fire-breathing dragon.

The family is torn apart when Sloane turns to a life of crime after stealing Gilgamesh, forever corrupting the creature’s heart.

In their stark future, the estranged sisters reunite for a final knock-down-drag-out kung fu battle on an opulent yacht.

This is a tale that’s about much more than violence and sororicide... 

...prepare yourself for an emotional exploration of how nothing can hurt us worse than family.

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A Fistful of Pain [Die-Cut Foil Hardcover]

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A Fistful of Pain [Standard Softcover]

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A Fistful of Pain [Virgin Variant Softcover]

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A FISTFUL OF PAIN Collector's Box

Get a FULLY LOADED bundle in a Limited Edition Collector's Box, including ALL THREE VERSIONS of A FISTFUL OF PAIN with signed ART PLATES for each book, the PROCESS ZINE, the 5 PRINT SET, plus an awesome set of 4 Enamel Pins and a badass set of 7 Metal Trading Cards.