Download Your SINK Vol 1 Early Backer Bonus

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You got the van rolling and deserve a reward...

Thank you so much for jumping in on the SINK Kickstarter within the first 72 hours, helping us rocket up the Kickstarter graphic novel charts and go on to ComixTribe's biggest graphic novel launch ever... in just 14 days! 

As thanks for your help getting the campaign off to just an awesome start, we've assembled an EARLY BACKER BONUS BUNDLE containing 13 awesome comics. 


Note: This is a decent sized file (300MB+) so you might want to wait until you've got a strong internet connection to grab it.

When you unzip this file, you find the following comics:

  • ComixTribe Books
    • And Then Emily Was Gone #0 by John Lees & Iain Laurie
    • And Then Emily Was Gone #1 by John Lees & Iain Laurie
    • Find #1 by Sam Read & Alex Cormack
    • Oxymoron #1 by Jason Ciaramella & Joe Mulvey
    • Oxymoron TLN #1 by Tyler James, John Lees & Alex Cormack
    • Quilte #1 by John Lees & Iain Laurie
    • THE RED TEN #0 by Tyler James & Cesar Feliciano
  • Other Great Indie Books
    • Hexes #1: The Boy Who Came Closer - Simon Birks
    • Sinners #1 - Simon Birks
    • The Poe Murders #1 - James Mascia
    • The Six Swords #1 - The Six Swords
    • Tart #1 - Kevin Joseph
    • Diary of Night #1 - Will Allred


Just Added: OXYMORON Limited Edition Variant Hardcovers!

We usually save our variant hardcovers as CONVENTION EXCLUSIVES, but we're running low on a few of our all-time best sellers, and thought we'd make sure our biggest supporters had first crack at what's left at a special price...

Clockwork Oxy (Dave Myers Cover) - ONLY 4 LEFT

Big Smile (Joe Mulvey "Wailing Blade" Cover) - Only 7 LEFT 

Everyone loves a good villain...

OXYMORON is a graphic novel collection of stories about a supervillain psychopath obsessed with contradiction.

Spinning out of the pages of the comic book series THE RED TEN, the man with the killer smile finally takes center stage. This stunning collection features stories by Eisner-nominated writer Jason Ciaramella (The Cape, Godzilla), Joe Mulvey (Scam), Mark Poulton (Avengelyne), and more, and is edited by ComixTribe publisher Tyler James.



Format: Oversized Hardcover (11.25 x 7.75), 112 Pages, Full Color, Spot UV Reflective Coating