Download Your SINK Volume 1 Digital Deluxe + Audio Bundle

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You're not satisfied with comics alone...

You want a fully immersive SINK experience.

Well, you got it!

This "Full Van" Digital Deluxe bundle includes SINK Vol 1 plus a treasure trove of behind the scenes material including scripts, character designs, essays and more.

Plus, you'll get access to a complete SINK Volume 1 Soundtrack with over 20 original audio tracks composed by Jamie Fairlie to accompany your reading of SINK. Also included is creator audio commentary taking you inside each SINK tale. 


Note: This is a BIG file (800MB+) so you might want to wait until you've got a strong internet connection to grab it.

When you unzip this file, you find sub-folders containing:

  • SINK Vol 1 Audio - Original Soundtracks + Creator Commentary
  • SINK Vol 1 Comics - Including the Collected Edition (Trade) + All 5 Individual Issues
  • SINK Vol 1 Essays & Inspiration - Explore the Themes of SINK
  • SINK Vol 1 Scripts - Read John Lee's Original Scripts for the Series



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