Happy Hill #5 [First Printing]
Happy Hill #5 [First Printing]
Happy Hill #5 [First Printing]
Happy Hill #5 [First Printing]

Happy Hill #5 [First Printing]

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A supernatural monster stalks the grounds of an exotic vacation resort...but something even more sinister hides under the surface!

Happy Hill is an supernatural vacation thriller and horror action dramedy comic book series about the deadly consequences of the pursuit of happiness, written by Bram Stoker-Award Nominated writer Rich Douek (Sea of Sorrows, Road of Bones, Wailing Blade) and co-written & drawn by artist Joe Mulvey (Scam, Wailing Blade).

First Visit? Here's What Happy Hill is All About...

Wyatt Willows and Thea Rippley are the only survivors of the infamous “Roanoke Orphanage” disappearance that claimed twelve children in a single night.

While Thea has done her best to put it behind her, Wyatt is convinced that local urban legend, The Wudsman, was responsible and he's been obsessed with proving it.

When 6-year-old Mackenzie MacIntyre disappears on the grounds of the exclusive Happy Hill resort, the only thing found in the search is an old mask once worn by the Wudsman, covered in Mackenzie's blood!

With his first hot lead in years, Wyatt ropes Thea back into the investigation, posing as a vacationing couple at the opulent resort.

Meanwhile, lost in the woods, young Mackenzie runs for her life after coming face to face with the terrifying Wudsman.

After Wyatt and Thea get a grand tour of everything Happy Hill has to offer...

...the pair separates after a heated argument. Venturing off on his own, Wyatt gets the shock of a lifetime.

Every too-good-to-be-true step takes them closer to learning that the price people are willing to pay for true happiness might be more than anyone involved can bear.

The hills are alive with the sound... of SCREAMING!

Returning Guests? Here's What Awaits in the New Issue...

No one is safe!

The Wudsman is unleashed!

And something even scarier pursues Wyatt and Mackenzie in the mysterious tunnels running under the resort grounds!

In this final chapter completing the first thrilling volume,  Wyatt and Thea at last uncover the darkest secrets of Happy Hill... and all hell breaks loose! 

Now, forget about happy,...every guest left will be lucky to make it out alive! 

Don’t miss the action-packed final issue of Happy Hill! 

Who will love Happy Hill?

  • Fans of thrilling comics such as Locke & Key, Nailbiter, and Chew. 
  • People who love action/horror/comedy genre mashups like Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz, Cabin in the Woods, Zombieland, and Gremlins.
  • Anyone waiting to grab the next book from the WAILING BLADE team of artist Joe Mulvey (SCAM, Mummies Always Right) and Rich Douek (Gutter Magic, Road of Bones, Sea of Sorrows.)
  • Collectors of high quality modern independent comic books from a world-class team of up-and-comers and industry veterans who have worked for companies such as DC, Marvel, IDW and more!
  • If you like your books with dynamic characters, folklore legends, deep rooted mysteries, and thrilling visuals, then HAPPY HILL is the comic you've been waiting for!


Happy Hill #5A. Art by Joe Mulvey. Colors by Chris Sotomayor. Standard Direct Market Edition. Included in the $20 Print Edition Pledge.
Happy Hill #5B. Art by Joe Mulvey. Colors by Ryan Kroboth. Standard Direct Market Edition. Included in the $20 Print Edition Pledge.
Happy Hill #5C. Inks Only Art by Joe Mulvey. ComixTribe Exclusive Rare Variant. No more than 100 copies printed.
Happy Hill #5D. Limited Edition METAL Cover. Art by Joe Mulvey. Colors by Chris Sotomayor. ComixTribe Exclusive Ultra Rare Variant. No more than 50 copies printed.